NZ: South- Mt Cook, Rangitata and Christchurch

Day 26: Mount Cook

We had a new driver for this last couple of days. Her name was ‘motors’ try and guess the reason why.

On the drive to and away from Mt cook are the most beautiful lakes and rivers you can see; full of sulphuric and glacial water which makes them ultra blue.




Here we went on a smaller hike (40 min return) where u can get  a viewpoint of the glacier. Would  recommend this one if your feeling a bit weary, all the others are min 2 hours.


Day 27: Rangitata

On the  way to Christchurch we went to the rangitata white water rafting centre where we got into groups of 6(+1 guide) for each boat and had a two hour, grade 5 white water rafting session.

Our boat worked pretty well together and we all managed to stay in the whole time with no tipping!  A few of the other boats had people fall out and one tipped entirely. This trip was great, such a fun time on the water and they also give you a decent lunch before you head out and a small BBQ when you get back.  Sadly the photos are extra but if you get together with the people in your boat you can buy them together and save some monies. The trip was $199 so definitely worth it.  Again, look on bookme!





Day 28: Christchurch

Our last day in NZ :(. We had a good walk into town to explore the sights;  the free museum, free botanical gardens, shops in shipping containers. A small quiet place that is obviously still overcoming the devastating earthquake in 2011.





In the evening we caught our flight, next stop Melbourne!

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