NZ: South-Queenstown

Day 16/17/18: Queenstown

It’s hard to know where to start when talking about Queenstown there’s just so much to do!

On the drive in just before you get to the centre, we stopped at the Kawarau bridge where you can do the first ever comercial bungy. This is the bungy I chose to do, it’s 43m and had the option of a water dip. I chose this over the nevis which is more expensive,  134m with no water option. Have a think about what you’d prefer…If either!


After doing the jump we headed into the town centre and went straight for a Ferg burger. We were a bit sceptical as there is so much hype about these burgers and there is a constant que. HOWEVER you need to go! Honestly one of the best burgers we’ve ever had and the que moves so quick you don’t notice it.



We also went to the cookie shop and indulged in a huuuge milkshake!



The next day we did the Queenstown hill hike. This was around 2.5 hour return and well worth the views. Also a great work out to burn off all that food!





Queenstown reminded us of being back at Uni its full of tonnes of young people and loads of fun bars and little places to eat. We said goodbye to lots of people we’d met on the Stray bus here as s lot of people get off the bus here to find jobs etc.

We had a nice little party on the ‘beach’ by the lake and then did a little bar crawl.





There was also a little surprise firework display! such a fun place always something going on.


After a couple nights here we carried on the Stray bus to Milford Sound and Invercargill, but came back just in time for Christmas and to see Abbie!

Day 21/22/23/24/25: Back in Queenstown for Christmas!

Here we met up with our good friend Abbie who had been travelling on the kiwi bus and we all hired an airbnb in fernhill (just up the hill from Queenstown centre) to stay in over Christmas.  *


If you’re In queenstown over Christmas/New years try and get your accommodation sorted because it all gets really booked up in this very popular place.

During these few days we booked to do the Nevis swing. Highly recommend!!! Danielle enjoyed it the most (just look at the photos).





Other than that we mainly just enjoyed the views and various walks. It’s a great town just to  hang out, especially by the lake. There’s a good buzz in town and you don’t always have to spend loads to have fun, if your on a budget; tell people your a local and try not to get roped in to all the activities *

Clear Cider!





When getting taxi’s say your a local and they’ll instantly give you a much cheaper rate with no questions asked.

Queenstowns version of uber is an app called ‘Take me’ definitely worth a look.

Generally, saying you’re a local is a way to get cheaper stuff;  mainly drinks in bars. Surreal a cool pub with good roof terrace will give you a loyalty card and $5 drinks if you say you’re a local. And then some places will give you cheaper drinks if you say you’re with Stray or kiwi bus, for example,  vinyl bar.

On Christmas day we cooked dinner in the flat, joined by Natalie who Abbie had met on the Kiwi Bus , then we went down to the lake where everyone goes with a tonne of alcohol and jumps in the icy water! Such a crazy Christmas, we were really lucky with the weather, so weird sunbathing on Christmas day!!














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